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Tenterden Folk Festival

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Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2024

Thanks to the continued co-operation of Tenterden Town Council, we will again have a large marquee on a prime site on the Recreation Ground in Recreation Ground Road, just off, and clearly visible from, the High Street and Ashford Road (A28).  This marquee gets bigger and busier each year as more stalls are added including crafts, hand made goods, musical instruments, CDs, cakes and sweets, arts work, novelties, charities such as RSPB, Kent Wildlife Trust and Woodlands Trust as well as other artisans, goods and services, plus a real ale and cider from Romney Marsh Brewery and Nightingale Cider, a limited number of hot food outlets.  PJ Music will be there selling a wide range of folk friendly musical instruments and accessories. 

There is also a dance stage and an adjoining marquees provides the venue for the popular free music stage.

To find out more or to book a stall contact our our Craft Fair Organiser by email at


If you are a returning stall you can book before we open up to new stallholder.


Confirmed stallholders can advertise in the festival programme at special reduced rates. Enquire for details when you have booked your pitch.

Guide for new traders and craft workers


Tenterden Folk Festival  Craft element has seen a regular growth over the last 4 years, with the craft Marquee proving more and more popular, especially with the free music stage alongside to attract a larger audience and the casual lookers into the craft fair.  It is proving that good numbers are being tempted, especially with each stall being different and selling items that are generally not available on the high street, be it in the craft Marquee or the outside trader at the other end of the High Street.  It has to be working as most traders that started the first year are still with us. Yes, the odd trader has dropped out but most have attend each year once in. 


So what do you need to bring to the event to become part of this success story? 

You need to trade in something that at present we either do not have, or is in our stalls organiser's opinion, not having the public demand met by the present craft/trade workers.  It is our target to have every trader making a profit and enjoying the event, so that they wish to attend year after year.  That of course also makes our work easy and the public tend to look at every stall if they are all different.  It seems to be working.

Every existing trader has till April to book their space for the ensuing year otherwise their product could be filled by a new trader; yes we do try and look after those that help us grow.

You have insurance and can give us your risk assessment.

That your product fits into the aims of the charity, basically you add interest for the event visitors rather than just feeding of the numbers.

We are looking more for true craft workers, rather than bought in products being just traded, see above.

You can only book for both days unless you can find a suitable partner for the second day, as a guide each day’s trading will cost more than £50 in rent.  We do not take booking in the last week.

Caterers please note at present the existing caterer that came in the first year and took the risk is still trading with us.

Traders and craft workers please note the following information is required when you first contact us.

  • The Product you sell
  • Do you make it
  • Your name and your contact details
  • A website link or access to see your stall would be useful

Tenterden Folk Festival: promoting folk song, music, dance, crafts and traditions: Registered charity No 1038663

Tenterden Folk Festival: promoting folk song, music, dance, crafts and traditions: Registered charity No 1038663